We have a wide range of Graffiti Workshops to cater for everyone and all groups. 


Graffiti Workshops are perfect for brightening up a communal wall with your local neighbours but we are also available for:

  • All Ages 
  • 1 on 1 Classes
  • Schools
  • Youth Groups
  • Corporate Events
  • Team Bonding Sessions
  • Community Groups
  • Murals

Our workshops include:

Graffiti Canvas Workshops:

Very popular with customers. In these sessions everyone will get to design and paint their own A3 canvas, using stencils, spray paint and markers. 

These sessions usually last around 2 hours but can run shorter or longer at your request. 


The first half will be spent designing and cutting Graffiti and images into stencils, then the second half will consist of painting them onto canvas, with the session finishing with some touch up with paint pens.

Graffiti T-Shirt Workshops:

Another popuar workshop with people, suitable for: 

birthday parties, work bonding session, bar mitzva's this involves us setting up an art easal and producing graffiti teeshirts on the spot with an airbrush.


Once again these sessions last for around 2 hours however can be tailored to the customer. 

The t-shirts are permanent finish with a little home prepping.

Graffiti Caps Workshops

We have custom Graffiti named or Logo'd caps in various colours for you to create your very own masterpiece with a qualified Graffiti Artist/Tutor.

Graffiti Mural Workshops

Do you want to make a statement on a wall at your school, youth club, store, office or home?

Our Graffiti Workshops are great for getting people involved in decorating a large area with an amazing Graffiti Mural! 

These sessions usually last 3-4 hours but can be tailored to your specifications.

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