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The Blingwear party experience...

For details about our birthday party packages, please contact us by phone or email and we will do our best to give you exactly what you are looking for,otherwise we will do our best create what you require.


Blingwear boy hanging with mr and mrs Redknapp.

1.Custom T-shirts 

2.Custom caps

3.Custom canvasses

4.Custom vinyl records

5.Canvass bags


All are suitable and safe to do in or outdoors, cater for up to 20 people at a time ,and can customise your experience by tailor making it to meet your requirements,


Graffiti caps

We have custom graffiti name or logo caps in various colours for you to order , which can be made to order complete with your specific name or design.

To complete any amount of orders usually a week notice is best.


You can also create your very own masterpiece custom cap on the day with a qualified graffiti artist/tutor.

We have a selection of colours to choose from and can be mixed colours and any amount needed can be complete. Custom graffiti snapbacks

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Graffiti custom t-shirts

Another popuar workshop with people, suitable for: 

birthday parties, work bonding session, barmitzva's this involves us setting up an art easal and producing graffiti teeshirts on the spot with an airbrush.Once again these sessions last for around 2 hours however can be tailored to the customer. 

The t-shirts are permanent finish with a little home prepping.


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